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Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Thoughts on the Christine O'Donnell Videos

Christine O'Donnell, a virtual unknown until only a few days ago, recently blew onto the scene like a premature ejaculation in the back seat of a Ford Fiesta on prom night '87. Liberal smear-artist Rachel Maddow showed a video of a twenty-something year old O'Donnell trying to promote teen purity on her daily broadcast and since then the young GOP challenger from Delaware has become an overnight Youtube phenomenon.

Folks, we've all seen the videos... multiple times. We have every line of corny scripted dialogue, every bad early 90s hairdo, and every unflattering camera angle ingrained in our subconscious where it will sit in our Rolodex of things that we will never unsee. For those reasons there's no point in posting the videos yet again.

The left has been having a field day with these videos and frankly I feel sorry for the girl. Obviously these tapes were a mistake. She was fresh out of college, couldn't find a job, had student loans to pay off and saw a way to make some quick money. Maybe she met a guy at the Dennys while she was waiting tables, maybe he told her he had an acting gig for her and maybe she saw it as a quick way to earn a couple of bucks-- how she got in this situation doesn't matter. Obviously she was taken advantage of, obviously things got out of hand and obviously she was made to do things no woman should ever have to do on camera.

What was supposed to be a short student film about a single mother working two jobs to find a better life for her autistic albino son quickly turned into a sleazy attempt to get this young lady to do degrading things on film.

It's a sad reality that young and desperate women that are down on their luck and out of money are being disgraced and taken advantage of by the absolute lowest form of human scum on this planet: Moral Activists. They get you in that room with the phony potted plant, sit you down on that filthy stained couch, shine a light in your face and instruct you to read horribly-written pieces of dialogue like "if he already knows what pleases him and he can please himself... then why am I in the picture?" I mean the idea of a woman trying to single-handedly stop fourteen-year-old boys from using their penises like the fire hoses those cops used to shoot black people with during the Civil Rights movement is more far-fetched than three sorority sisters having a 4-way with a pizza delivery guy because they can't pay for their pizza. Really, you don't have $10 between the three of you?

Based on the poor production quality, the awful haircuts, the cheesy music, the unbelievable premise and the cringe-worthy dialogue I think it's obvious this video was meant only to be seen by a very small cross section of America's most vile and detestable citizens. Limited to small book and video shops next to liquor stores in strip malls located in the bad part of town where men hiding inside trench coats and sunglasses look both ways to make sure no one is watching before slipping inside to quench their despicable habits, it's apparent this video was never meant to be seen by normal, well-adjusted and functioning members of society.

When she was talked into performing in this tape Christine had no idea that one day a series of tubes would bring the world instantly to our fingertips and any motion picture caught on video or film would gain a world audience. When Christine regrettably decided to participate in this degrading video there was no way of knowing one day her parents, her friends, and the entire world would see it and feel ashamed for her.

We all make mistakes, maybe we don't go on Politically Incorrect and say that it was wrong for people to lie to Nazis about hiding Jews in their homes, but we all have lapses in judgment that we hope no one else sees. How would you feel if your lowest moment was caught on tape and played on every major news show in America? These videos were obviously never supposed to be seen by people like us and I want to personally reprimand the disgusting, vile, maladjusted, bottom-feeding scumbags that lure down-on-their-luck girls to say and do deplorable things on camera for the titillation of only a few fat, ugly, girlfriendless, perverted, mentally-ill Values Voters.

Shame on you!

While I like to believe O'Donnell has learned her lesson and will never appear in an embarrassing video again, the revelations that she has been living off campaign donations and has racked up thousands in debt by not paying her staff lead me to believe that if things don't rapidly get better for the spunky young Senatorial candidate from Delaware we may see another shameful video of her on the internet spearheading a campaign to make it illegal to have sex with the lights on.


  1. Riiiiiiiiiight.

    Here's the big question, O'Hanley: Do you vote for her in spite of all these "errors in judgment"? The script against masturbation turned into her extreme-virginity campaign via SALT, her lack of money for the pizza turned into home foreclosure and financial malfeasance. Would you vote Dem in this case, or if you were a Delaware resident, would you STILL cast your vote for her, since she's the GOP candidate? If so, what would a Republican have to do for you to NOT support him/her? I've voted right my whole adult life, but between the nutjobs in AZ, AK, CA and DE, I am embarrassed to admit my party affiliation.

  2. Wash O'Hanley, you are a piece of vermin with a vile and dirty mind. Why on earth would anybody hire you to write that sort of sleaze-bag garbage.
    Why would you be so eager to destroy a woman who has had a tough life and has the guts to work hard and want to make a better life for herself and millions of people?
    I tell you one thing, this is the first and last piece of Wash O'Hanley's ranting I will ever read.

  3. @anonymous: The only thing that would prevent me from voting for a Republican is if they were a Democrat.

    @anonymous: Thank you for your persecution, the Bible tells us that [Christians] will be persecuted by non-believers, so thank you for proving God right.

  4. Anonymous said... @ "Would you vote Dem in this case, or if you were a Delaware resident, would you STILL cast your vote for her, since she's the GOP candidate?"

    Of course Wash would. Why would Wash vote to have the Nazis take over the US like they did to Russia in 1917 by voting for a Democrat???

    It's called youthful indiscretions. Like GW Bush when he killed that hooker in Juarez O'Donnell has realized she did something wrong, come to terms with it and moved on. Why can't you?

    Bobby-Joe Tabor