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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ancient Middle Eastern Goat Herders Constantly Tricking Christians


Unfortunately it is true to some extent that Christians are gullible and susceptible to believing unsubstantiated rumors and claims. I have personally experienced this first hand a number of times and also heard about other Christians having this some problem as well. I can think of several examples of times when I have been tricked into believing something that isn't true.

There was the time I was scammed over the internet out of $10,000 dollars by a group of Arab vagabonds who claimed they were princes from a far off land that needed me to move some money to the US for them or something.

There was also the time a couple of transient Arab shepherds posing as ticket scalpers sold me tickets to the 7th game of the World Series, only for me to find out when I got to the ticket checker at the park that the tickets were forgeries.

Then there was also the time a group of Nomadic ancient Middle Eastern goat-herders posing as cheerleaders from the local high school fooled me into leaving them with the keys to my car for a "Fund-Raising Car Wash." While I was in the gas station convenience store buying some snacks they took of with my car!

You would have fallen for it too.

Have any of you also been repeatedly fooled into believing ridiculous and clearly false things by Arab sheepherders? If so let me know.

It seems that, for whatever reason, Christians are just easily fooled and susceptible to the unsubstantiated rumors and far-out claims made by migrant tent-dwelling Arab livestock caretakers. Oh well, I guess you can't win them all. Perhaps a smart young graduate student of creation science at Landover U. would like to put my theories to test one day. Although last I heard the creation science department at Landover U. had fallen on hard times after they accidentally traded all of their science equipment to a clan of itinerant Arabian domesticated beast of burden tenders in exchange for a bag of goat's milk. I hate Arab nomads and their crafty ways so much!

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