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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Serious Evalutation of Obama is not Racist!


For years white racists have had to sit back and bite their tongues as a slew of black celebrities, completely immune to white racism, have come and gone. Rodney King, Flava Flav, OJ Simpson, Rev. Wright and Shaquille O'Neal-- all worthy candidates for white racism-- spared only because of the negative stigma attached to racism. Well I say 'no more!', brothers and sistern! Barrack Hussein Obama Bin Laden is the first black man in almost a century that is not immune to white racism and we're going to take full advantage of this situation. Racism has always been considered bad by the Liberal elite, but as soon as that black man is running for elected office, especially President of the United States, we instantly transform from white racists to concerned citizens. If I speculate that Oprah has a crack addiction I am a toothless piss-ignorant white, but if I make the same speculation about Barrack Hussein Obama I am a concerned citizen making responsible choices for the future of this country. If I call Flava Flav an incompetent, drug-addled lunatic I am instantly labeled the shame of America, but if I say the same thing about Barrack Hussein Obama I'm making a valuable judgment about his aptitude.

I think it goes without saying that Barrack Hussein Obama is the savior of racism in America and I for one welcome his presence in the political scene.

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