"If Wash O'Hanley didn't cover it, it probably wasn't that important anyway."

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wash Announces Long-Awaited Next Book

First there was the Bible...
Then there was the King James Bible...
Then no one wrote anything worthwhile for a long time...

Fast forward to 2007 as radio pundit and author Wash O'Hanley reveals the next great book in human history: Mindrape The shocking exposé of how Atheists and Homosexuals are targeting your children.

Mindrape is a chilling look into the depraved world of Liberalism and Homosexuality where children are a hot commodity and warping their thoughts at a young age is the name of the game. Delve with Wash into the depths of iniquity and witness the horrors of this terror organization and listen as Wash offers helpful advice to prevent this blood-cult from taking all that which you hold dear.

"Never before has a group been so bent on domination and so persistent in getting to children, they know that children are impressionable and the younger the better."

Just see what critics have to say about Mindrape:
"Mindrape is written in English."- Independent Publishers Online

"I read most of this book."- Jonathan Dowrey, Victorville Times

"This is the most important book in modern human history. If Richard Nixon were alive he'd read Mindrape."- Wash O'Hanley, The Wash O'Hanley Show

MINDRAPE in a Christian bookstore near you this September.

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