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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Obama: Already a Lame Duck


Folks, it has been only one week that has passed since the inauguration but already Barack Obama is proving himself to be a lame duck president. Obama took office under a platform that included a lot of far-out and crazy promises, hope and dreams. But as of eight days after being sworn in as President of these United States what has Mr. Obama done for us?

-We are currently embroiled in TWO wars and have no exit strategy. Obama has done nothing in his eight days in office to fix the situation in Iraq and Afghanatan.

-There is still strife in the Middle-East. Israel and Hamas are still at war and the Jews and the Muslims can't seem to get their acts together. In his eight days in office what has Obama done to fix this situation? How many more days will we have to wait? Will there be peace in the Middle-East before the Super Bowl? Before the Oscars?

-The economy is still in the toilet. In his one week in office Obama has done little to nothing to improve the economy. I was under the impression, based on all of his far-out speeches and claims that by this time the only financial troubles I would be having is what kind of caviar to eat. Right now our economy is at its worst point since the Great Depression and over the first eight days of Obama's Presidency has produced no results.

-America's public schools are still failing. Each year public high schools around America churn out more and more graduates who cannot read and write at a functioning adult level while drop-out rates increase in the inner cities. We need a new philosophy on education but in his first week in office Obama has done nothing to fix the education crisis. If he doesn't have time to fix this problem in his first week when will he get around to it?

-Life cannot be sustained on Venus. If in the event of a thermo-nuclear Holocaust or some kind of robot/alien take over we have no back up plan! Obama has taken no steps toward preventing the extinction of the human race. Where are the escape pods and the giant cannons that will launch these escape pods? Where are the space station-cities that will transport thousands of people at a time in sleep capsules to the lush surface of Venus? Where are the futuristic houses?

So what has Obama had time to do other than attend parades, go to balls and hob-knob with Hollywood celebrities on his first day on the job (any other person would have been fired for doing so little work on their first day but because Obama is black apparently it is ok for him to spend his entire first day doing nothing at the tax payer's expense)? Well for one he signed a bill that gives aid to foreign abortion clinics; just a small step towards his ultimate goal which is to abort already-born children. He also shut down Guantanamo Bay, releasing thousands of suspected terrorists into our communities. The next time you hear the ice cream truck come down the street it could be the number three in Al-Queda behind the wheel and on your child's first day of kintergarden don't be surprised when a man who blew up a bus full of nuns is the teacher.

I think it's pretty safe to assume that the first 8 days of this presidency are going to reflect the next four years (and God help us 8), expect little change.

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