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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Third Presidential Debate


I hope McCain can pull a major surprise out of his hat. So maybe Obama only knew Bill Ayers through a fund raising campaign held at the start of the senator's political career. And maybe Obama was involved with ACORN only as a lawyer in the early 90's and the scandal surrounding ACORN was caused by individuals working for it who were paid based on how many people they registered to vote, and hence made up false names so they would be paid more.

It's time for McCain to try pull attacks out of the best place to get them-- his ass. Barack Obama has not only one black baby... he has two! Ok, so maybe that won't work. How about this... can Obama prove that Bill Ayers wasn't his adoptive father? Or how about this one... in 1972 while in grade school Barack Obama learned about Nazi Germany in history class. Is Barack Obama a Nazi?

I am allowing the McCain camp to use any of these talking points in their debates and attacks and vow to come up with more. We're going to throw everything at the wall here and see what sticks.

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