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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's Your Fault if I Rape You


Men, unlike women, cannot control their cravings and desires. Not all of these cravings and desires are necessarily sexual. Some men cannot control themselves around alcohol; if they see alcohol they must consume it. For others it is fixing things around the house or eating junk food. For me it's watching 24. Once Jack Bauer comes on the screen I'm no longer in control of anything: my actions, my behavior, sometimes even my bowels. I run around the house making gunshot noises while shooting an imaginary gun and kicking things over. These are compulsive behaviors that we cannot control. God gives men these shortcomings so we can overcome them, causing him to look favorably upon us.

How does a man that has a compulsive addiction to alcohol overcome it? He never puts himself in a situation where there is alcohol present. He rids his home of it and doesn't go to places like bars or parties where alcohol is prevalent.

Some men, however, are not addicted to alcohol or chocolate or black gay midget porn. Some men are addicted to having sex with attractive women. Any time they see an attractive woman dressed in a sexualized manner they are filled with lust and must have her. But while it is easy to make sure that alcohol never comes into your home and that you avoid situations where alcohol may be consumed, it is not easy to avoid situations where women will be dressed in a sinful and provocative manner. One minute you're going to the post office and the next an impromptu high school cheer leader car wash breaks out next to your car. The fact is that women have been SHOVING their HOT, SLICK, WET, SEXUAL, NUBILE, CURVY, SUPPLE YOUNG BODIES down our throats since the dawn of time and frankly we're sick of it.

It's hard enough having to be around these attractive young women, with them bending over to pick things up in front of us, sucking on a pencil at work, or eating phallic-shaped food within our view-- it's enough to drive a man crazy! Then all the sudden a loose boob pops out of a shirt and it's all over. If a man that is inclined toward compulsive sexual behavior sees something like that he is no longer in control of his actions and it is the woman's fault. After it's all over the woman acts like it was the man's fault for some reason, even though she was practically asking for it. Think about it: if there is a lust-filled man hiding in the dumpster behind the Toys R Us touching himself to the sounds of women screaming on his I-pod and then all of the sudden a provocatively-dressed woman walks by he is probably going to rape her. But consider this: if the woman had never walked down that alley the rape never would have happened in the first place. How can you blame the man for doing what he is inclined to do? And based on the fact that he was in a dark alley he in all likelihood acknowledged his problem and was going somewhere to AVOID women altogether.

So I'm just going to say this once, to any woman that may be reading this topic. Cover up those breasts. No one wants to look at them. Stop wearing such skimpy clothes in public because if a man ends up doing something to you that you aren't ready for it is no one's fault but your own.

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