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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Want Proof of Eligibility


My Friends,

Some have called us "insane", "lunatics", "buffoons", "***holes" and even "conspiracy theorists" because of our beliefs and our demands. It states in plain text in the Bill of Rights that in order to be an American President, one must be a natural born citizen of these United States. Folks, I feel like I have been duped. And there are at least 300,000 other people like me that feel the same way. When we go into the polling place in November every 4 years we expect that the candidates we are given are real Americans. Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm looking too far into things, but I feel that it isn't a lot to ask that our candidates be forced to provide documentation that they are eligible to serve this great country of ours. I have trouble sleeping at night knowing that a President of our country-- the most powerful man in the world, may not be an American at all.

An anecdote, if I may. I recently went in to get a new passport. After waiting in the line at the post office I filled out all the paperwork and the lady behind the counter told me I had to provide a birth certificate. The O'Hanley family immigrated to this nation of ours to get away from the Irish before the potato famine. We've been here now for centuries and our lineage is proud and 100% American. I looked that woman in the eyes and I told her that I am pure American. Conceived on the Fourth of July and Born on Memorial Day. I'm so American when I was born I came out holding an American flag and the after birth was a glorious eagle that sprung forth from my mother's womb with a noble shriek that emboldened all the patrons that were eating in that Denny's. Did I mention I was born in a Denny's? It's the most American restaurant in the history of America. I looked her in the eyes and I told her that I wouldn't show her my birth certificate until a certain President showed us his.

I know I'm an American. And I know the humble readers of this site are Americans too. And I don't think it is at all unreasonable that we ask a President to show us his birth certificate so we know he is the right man for the job. So I will pose this question one more time, and I'm only going to say it once. I want the other readers of this site to say it with me; in their letters to their congressmen and senators. I want them to call in to local radio shows and television news shows, I want them to raise public awareness. I want this question to go all the way to Washington so that maybe we will all know the truth once and for all.

I'm calling on all True Americans to get out there and do something about this injustice. I want this to go all the way to the White House. I want the relatives of Chester A. Arthur to receive threatening mail and phone calls day and night until they provide proof of birth or move and change their phone numbers so we can't contact them any more. I WANT ANSWERS.

Proof that Chester A. Arthur is unfit to command: http://naturalborncitizen.wordpress....ject-at-birth/

Maybe us 'birthers', as we like to be called, get made fun of. Maybe people on the streets tell us to put on our tin hats, or ask us ironically who we think assassinated JFK. But if the truth ever does come out that Chester A. Arthur was not an American, maybe those of us wearing tin hats won't look that stupid after all.

Vigilantly fighting for the truth:
Washburn 'Big Tex' Rutherford O'Hanley III
Radio Pundit, Conservative, Birther, and above all, Natural Born American

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