"If Wash O'Hanley didn't cover it, it probably wasn't that important anyway."

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Classic Quotes

Wash O'Hanley on the gay television network:

"This is just as insidious and disgusting as the gay television network which has been shoved down the throats of Christians that wish to not be involved with such debauchery. It seems like this new "gay" television network is everywhere and, unfortunately, is completely unavoidable. After paying the subscription fee, having the cable guys come to my house and install the dish as well as update all the televisions in my house, set up the cable boxes and then find the channel on the list of over 300 premium HD stations my home was inundated with horrific images of homosexuality. Imagine if a child had gone through that simple step-by-step process- they too would have been subjected to the devilish agenda of the gay television network." -11/7/2007

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