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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let's Bring Back Slavery!


Once again the Liberals are too short sighted to see the benefits of reinstating slavery which was ended in a horrible decision by America's worst president, Jimmy Carter. With President Bush poised for a third term it is time for the Christian majority to give back to our community and we can start with Africa. Africa is a small country somewhere near Afghanaraq and Australia and is where all the black people of the world come from. Because of the inferiority of the common negro their communities are still as primitive as the day Jesus walked the earth. Christian missionaries in Africa just simply haven't been able to turn things around there despite passing out millions of Bibles and throwing out much of the black people's dangerous and degressive culture like public nudity in the 120 degrees heat, doing away with hunting and introducing capitalism in the form of having the villages make wallets and teaching the monkey-people the joys of using more water (the ocean is full of it, losers, stop rationing it).

In our cities the common black man is responsible for 100% of the crime and finding a black person that doesn't have a police record is near-impossible. Those that have denounced the negro race are known as "ex-negros" and some famous ex-negros include Condoleeza Rice and NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw (who was black between the years 1985-1990). The black culture on all sides of the globe has been primitive and left behind by the modern and superior white man and it is time they were given help. While I am not advocating that we treat them as equals (that would be crazy) it is time we helped them as currently tons of American money is being dumped into their third-world hellholes just so they can eat and have places to live. With slavery reinstated crime would be lowered, especially in our inner cities where there would be no more need for gangs and robberies. Africa would no longer be a third world country because all its inhabitance would be in America (so it would be like a fourth world country or something... whatever Antarctica is classified as). Blacks all over the world would be given a chance to see what life as a True Christian™ is like and they would strive to better themselves.

Under slavery in 1600's to the 1800's nearly 100% of the black people in America were employed, today that number is a mere 4% (just a wild guesstimate). How anyone can debate with those figures is shocking and I would venture so far as to say that anyone that doesn't support re-slaving hates black people.

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