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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wash Debates Catholic


Hey there friend,

The problem of paedophilia in the church has been most unfortunate but I would stress that only a tiny minority of priests have ever been involved in sexual abuse. I see also my friend that Pope Benedict is the 'Kiddie-Fiddler of Vatican City'. Sir I must stress to you that this is a totally inaccurate attack, the holy father is never been involved in that and has always acted quickly and consistently to deal with abusers in the strongest possible way. There is so much misunderstanding about what the church stands for and what it does and does not tolerate.
-The Cantabrian 
You say this like the pedophilia outbreak in the Catholic Church is some recent thing and not some ongoing catastrophe that's been building up to a boiling point for probably Centuries at this time. The Catholic Church could tomorrow change their entire dogma and doctrine and everything they believe in to just: "The goal of the Catholic Church is to make sure that every 13 year old boy on the entire globe has a rectum more stretched out than the skin on Kirstie Alley's thighs after eating a wheelbarrow full of Rocky Road ice cream" and no one would believe you that they just changed it. The overwhelming consensus among regular folk would be "I thought that's what they always believed in."

You're right about the Pope being consistent on pedophile Priests though, it seems like if you're a priest and you diddle a child and get caught you end up with a better job. At this point it seems like fondling a 12 year old boy's nut sack isn't so much a tragic misuse of power by an authority figure as much as it is a resume builder.

Small Catholic Church in Irish country side seeks Priest to lead flock.

Ph.D. in religion.
Preferred 3-5 years of experience leading a moderately-sized Catholic Church
MUST have 3-4 years of nutsack fondling experience
Experience covering up nutsack fondling preferred but not required.

Pay is DOE

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