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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Speak English or Get Out!


I'm tired of these deaf people who think the rules don't apply just because they can't hear (likely story, by the way). Last time I checked you don't need to be able to HEAR in order to SPEAK-- they are two fundamentally different things. If I put on a pair of sound-proof headphones I would still be able to speak perfectly without having to resort to this "sign language" non-sense. Now I don't know exactly what this sign language stuff is but it clearly isn't English, no one understands it but other deaf people, and it most likely is used to convey secrets to our enemies.

When I go to the local Mexican restaurant I expect the people working there to not speak in Spanish to me and when I try and hold a conversation with a gimp deaf person I expect them not to start flashing gang signs at me. Learn English or GET OUT. Mexicans that don't speak English need to go back to Mexico, Polish people that don't speak English need to go back to Poland, and deaf people that don't speak English should be somewhere like the moon or something since I don't think there's any sound in space.

I'm a reasonable man but this is a warning to all deaf people: the buck stops here (or HEAR). Once John McCain is elected the next President of these United States expect to see a Federal Amendment making English this country's official language and don't think that just because you can't hear you'll be exempt because these laws are written down on paper where you can read them (or can deaf people not see anymore either?).

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