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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Holocaust Debate


"It saddens me to see two brothers fall for the liberal conspiracy like you two have. You should be ashamed of yourselves..."

I sincerely doubt there was any foul play in those concentration camps. How many Jews were rounded up in those things? How many people actually died? If we take into account that the average 7-day cruise ship has at least one death, I don't think it is far-fetched to believe that the 6 million Holocaust deaths were all a result of natural causes and blown out of proportion by the scare tactics and fear mongering of the Liberal Left.

All I'm saying is that maybe those concentration camps weren't that bad. Every photo I've ever seen of Holocaust Jews showed a bunch of super-skinny people standing around digging holes and building things. In our shallow and image-conscious society with a struggling economy would this be such a bad thing? You lose 80 or 90 pounds in 3 months and fall to a healthy 75-pound-weight while learning practical architectural skills at the same time. The Holocaust was basically a rigorous weight-loss boot camp program and an ITT Tech education at the same time.

Auschwitz? More like Club Med. 

I can tell you feel strongly about this Eliot, but facts are facts and while I'm not calling your grandfather a liar I am willing to point out that what he has to say is in direct contradiction with everything Dr. David Duke has to say. Yes, that's correct: Doctor David Duke. As in Ph.D. He has devoted his entire life to unbiasedly looking at the Holocaust and he has determined that it was a sham. Would someone with the title Doctor lie or change facts to further his agenda? I think not. This is a man who got his Ph.D from the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management in the Ukraine-- one of the most respected and highly regarded institutions of anti-semetic higher learning. It's like the Texas A&M of Universities that deny the Holocaust in that it is dedicated to research to disprove the Holocaust, 75% of its graduates find careers in Holocaust denial immediately following graduation and the football team gets its ass kicked every year by Oklahoma.

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