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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Godless Europe to Murder Baby



A Romanian government committee has decided to allow a pregnant 11-year-old who was raped by her teenage uncle to have an abortion, a government spokesman said Friday.
The girl is 21 weeks pregnant -- too far along to have an abortion in Romania, where the limit is 14 weeks unless the pregnancy poses problems for the mother's health, said the spokesman, who asked not to be named.
The girl's parents had said they would take their daughter to Britain for an abortion if the committee did not allow her to have one in Romania. Abortions are legal in Britain up to 24 weeks.
It was unclear whether the parents would still take the girl to Britain following the committee's decision, reached late Thursday.
Church groups have opposed an abortion for the girl, the government spokesman said. The Romanian Orthodox Church has urged the girl to keep the baby, and has said it will take care of the baby if the family wants to give it up for adoption, he said.
The uncle who raped the girl has since disappeared, the Romanian Health Ministry said. Media reports say the uncle is age 19.
For a woman, becoming pregnant and the prospect of giving birth to a child is a gift. We all know that gifts are most fun when we are not expecting them, and what could be more fun that an unplanned pregnancy? I remember for my birthday a few years back my wife bought me a car, one day I was sitting at the table eating breakfast when she came in and told me to go outside. I was skeptical at first and had my son go out first for fear of booby traps and ninjas, but after discovering the coast was clear I was greeted by a brand new BMW in my drive way. It was the greatest surprise I ever experienced. If this young lady goes ahead with the abortion it's like a slap in the face to her cousin who went through all the trouble of getting her pregnant in the first place. It's like if I went out and bought you, my humble reader, a brand new Kashmir sweater only for you to return it the next day. 

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