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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Wash O'Hanley Show is Looking for 1 Intern


As the summer leaves us, almost as soon as it came, it is time for school to begin. From mid-August through the end of September Universities around America will open their hallowed gates and resume business as usual. All students, from the scared and wide-eyed freshmen to even the most unmotivated and inebriated Communications majors entering their third "senior" year will have an opportunity to start anew with the idea that the world is theirs for the taking.

While we currently find ourselves mired in an economic Holocaust that will consume and destroy all of these hopeful young men and women the minute they receive their diplomas like the soldiers getting off the boats at Normandy, who are we to tell these Journalism, History and Social Sciences majors that their outlook is grim at best and they will soon be reduced to fighting tooth-and-nail for what few positions still exist in local retail outlets? The poor economy has allowed employers to demand more of potential employees: more experience, better education; all for less money, which is leaving recent college graduates out to dry as they cannot compete with adults that have been in the workforce for five or six years while they were in college. This taking advantage of, and throwing of this generation of recent college graduates under the bus is disgusting and unacceptable for a country like America. We need to help these young men and women so they can start a career and get their lives going.

The Wash O'Hanley Show has enjoyed a long tradition of employing unpaid college interns for many years now, giving them the tools, education, and practical work experience necessary to make it in the radio broadcast industry. It is with great honor that we begin the search for our Fall 2010 intern, who will work on a daily basis next to Wash O'Hanley: South-Eastern Iowa's #1 voice in Conservative Radio Political Punditry.* Get hands-on experience in the world of radio broadcasting as you do exciting tasks like getting the writers coffee, answering phones, picking up lunch, running errands to the office supply store, and enduring verbal and physical abuse from Wash O'Hanley whenever he has a bad day.

What can an internship at The Wash O'Hanley Show do for you?

  • Invaluable on-the-job training that will help you find a career in a high-paying job straight out of college.
  • A free tee-shirt or key chain.
  • FREE trip to National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas, NV (flight, accommodation and food costs not included).
  • Many of our interns have earned paying positions upon graduation.
  • 20% discount at local participating Qdoba and Panera Bread locations in the Des Moines area.
  • A great resume builder.
  • Signed head shot of Wash O'Hanley ($20 dollar value, yours for only 10!)
Our past interns have landed successful and lucrative positions at several Fortune 500 companies including Best Buy, Starbucks and Wal*Mart.


  • MUST be a current college student enrolled at an accredited University or College (no University of Pheonix losers) with a focus on radio, journalism, media, or similar major.
  • 7-10 years coffee-making experience.
  • MUST have a reliable form of transportation.
  • Ability to order fast food from a drive-thru.
  • MUST be able to commit 40 hours a week (overtime is also expected).
  • 3-5 years of professional paid work experience in the radio industry, preferably in operating sound equipment, mixing boards and call boards.
  • Master's Degree in radio broadcast strongly preferred.
  • Ability to lift 250+ lbs
  • Intimate knowledge of Iowa's underground human organ black market preferred but not required.
  • Experience working in an office setting is strongly preferred.
  • Ability to keep mouth shut required.
This internship is unpaid and for college credit only!

If you think you have what it takes to make it in the fast-paced world of radio broadcasting send a resume, cover letter, letter of recommendation from your local congressperson, a list of your current intellect, stamina and agility stat points, and three professional or academic references to Washohanley24@gmail.com (attachments will be deleted). Qualified candidates will be called and asked to come in to fill out an application and submit to a litmus test, drug test and background check. Interviews will begin August 30th in our Des Moines office. Training will begin on September 2nd and will require a non-refundable $250 payment. Upon completion of training the most qualified candidate will be chosen as our intern.

So what are you waiting for? Your future starts TODAY!

* of 2004

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