"If Wash O'Hanley didn't cover it, it probably wasn't that important anyway."

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Classic Quotes

"Whatever the gays can do to bring homosexuality and sloppy anal sex into our Christian living rooms and dinner tables. First we told them to never have sex, then they started having sex in their homes, then they started having sex in their clubs, then they moved to public restrooms, then they moved to playgrounds and now they just want to have sex in the open where anyone can see them. Well the elephant is in the living room, folks. They kept pushing and pushing and we kept giving and giving and now your children are going to grow up in a semen-stained future that is awash in a sea of homosexuality. Before you know it Christians will not be allowed to pray at the dinner table in their own home because the homosexuals that are having sex with their food get distracted by it." -9/17/2007

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