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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The John Birch Society


I've had it out for the John Birch Society after they deemed me a "dangerous extremist, detrimental to the cause" after I "assaulted" Janet Reno.

The year was 1993, Mrs. Doubtfire was number one at the box office and I tried to pull off Janet Reno's wig to prove that she was actually a man. It was an honest mistake that could have happened to any of us. I was also using JBS funds to spearhead a campaign to funnel crack cocaine into inner city preschools.

The John Birch Society: All talk and no action. If you want a real Conservative group look no further than the Montana militia. Where else can you speculate which elected officials are transvestite homosexual Communist secret Muslims that conduct back-alley abortions in their Washington offices, stash illegal weapons-grade plutonium in an aircraft hanger covered in a camouflage canopy, have a group Bible study and then gangrape a 15 year old cheerleader over the hood of Big Ray-Ray the Pedophile's (Joe the Plumber's brother-in-law that he doesn't talk about) Chevy?

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